best nephrology hospital in marthandam

Nephrology is a speciality that deals with the study of the kidneys, including treating a wide range of kidney problems, including diet, medication, renal replacement therapy, and most importantly, prevention of chronic kidney diseases.

Visit us if you are looking for the best nephrology hospital in Marthandam. At Lister Hospitals, we offer a complete range of consultations, diagnoses and treatments for all kidney diseases.

Kidney problems can massively impact one’s life, so early detection and effective treatment are imperative. At Lister Hospitals, we use the latest technology and equipment to diagnose and treat all stages of kidney diseases accurately and effectively. Our team of the best nephrologists in Marthandam has several years of renal care experience, with thousands of nephrology admissions and successful urological surgeries every year.

Our medical practitioners handhold patients through the treatment process, from consultation to diagnosis, treatment, and management of all renal problems.

Services Offered at The Best Nephrology Hospital in Marthandam

We are one of the best kidney care hospitals in Marthandam. Nephrologists at Lister Hospitals can handle entire kidney ailments, including electrolyte disturbance, polycystic kidney diseases, acute and chronic renal failure, hematuria, proteinuria, and renal stones. Our renal care programme includes hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and even renal replacement therapy for long-standing renal failure patients.

In fact, hundreds of patients visit the hospital regularly for dialysis, thanks to our reputation of being the best kidney care hospital in Marthandam. Our nephrologists diagnose and treat kidney diseases, suggest appropriate curative or containment therapies, and also aid the patients by prescribing efficient medications. Special diet advice is also given to patients if required, especially if dialysis is in the equation.

People with diabetes have long-term complications involving kidney ailments because of the impact of high blood sugar on the blood vessels in the kidneys. The best nephrologists in Marthandam can identify any symptoms of kidney ailments and suggest prompt treatment. Separate dialysis units are also available at Lister Hospitals, including dialysers, dialysis solutions, hemodialysis machines, and tubing to transport blood and dialysis solutions.

Why Are We the Best Nephrology Hospital in Marthandam?

The Lister Hospitals Nephrology Department offers end to end treatment for all kidney ailments, including screening for kidney diseases and in-patient and outpatient consultation, thereby focusing on preventive kidney care. We are not only the largest but also the best nephrology hospital in Marthandam, and we understand that this comes with the responsibility of living up to this name and heritage.

The medical staff at our nephrology department is well-equipped to accurately diagnose any kidney-related medical problems and provide early detection of any related diseases and ailments.

All our medical experts are always up-to-date about the latest medical developments in nephrology and recent scientific studies about kidney diseases and their respective treatments. The best nephrology hospital in Marthandam also assists patients suffering from accompanying conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.