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Did you know that nearly one out of six couples in India have trouble conceiving?

This, despite India being the world’s second-most populous country. Lifestyle changes, environmental factors, changes in diet are some of the reasons for an increasing number of young men and women struggling with infertility.

Thankfully, the social stigma attached to infertility is slowly on the decline. People, in general, are recognizing that both men and women can be equally responsible for failing to conceive.

Fertility treatments have come a long way in India regarding assisted conception (IVF), surgical procedures, and medicines. But more importantly, rapid advancements in surgical care and diagnostics have contributed towards fertility-related success stories.

Dr. Ananthi Aravind fertility Specialist at Lister Hospitals in Marthandam
Dr. Ananthi Aravind Consulting the patient

What Are The Common Fertility Treatments Available In India?

India, especially, South India offers medical facilities on par with those offered in developed countries – but at 1/10th of the cost. Some fertility treatments commonly available in India include In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Cryopreservation, and testing procedures like Preimplantation Genetic Testing.

Couples who choose late pregnancy opt for embryo cryopreservation and frozen embryo transfer (FET).

IVF involves taking eggs from the ovaries and fertilizing them with the sperm in a lab dish. The fertilized egg is later placed inside the uterus using an ultrasound device. From start to finish, an IVF cycle takes around four weeks. Thanks to its success rate, IVF has been used more frequently as a therapy for all causes of infertility, especially if the fallopian tubes are absent or damaged or if there exists an issue with male infertility.

Why Is Lister Hospitals The Best Fertility Hospital In Marthandam?

We use the latest research and resources to consistently achieve success stories so that you can trust us to do everything possible to give you the best care and treatment you deserve. Our fertility services are affordable, highly recommended, and one of the most successful fertility treatments in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu.

We work with the best fertility doctors in Marthandam who carry out comprehensive tests to reduce time, cost, and failure rate. Not to mention the stress that anguished couples are likely to undergo during the treatment.

A specialist fertility doctor in Marthandam and an andrologist offer our fertility services to address male infertility issues.

Dr. Ananthi Aravind visiting the new born babies at lister hospitals
Dr. Ananthi Aravind during the operation at Lister Hospitals

We Specialize In High- Risk Pregnancies As Well

Gynecologists are trained to deal with problems related to the female reproductive system. But not all gynecologists can handle complicated pregnancies or male/female infertility issues. For instance, pre-eclampsia is a severe condition that could affect both mother and child. Some women experience contractions before reaching their 37th week, making them prone to preterm or premature labor. Gestational diabetes can be equally scary and require constant monitoring.

About Ananthi Aravind M.S (OG) – The Best Fertility Doctor In Marthandam

Dr. Ananthi is the backbone of our hospital and the reason why we’re consistently ranked as the best fertility hospital in Marthandam. She has conducted numerous complicated pregnancies and managed hundreds of fertility treatments, giving families the gift of children.

Our fertility treatments have been upgraded to Level 2 as a result of adopting the latest pathbreaking facilities like follicular study, IUI, HSG, and hysteroscopy.

Dr. Ananthi Aravind with her team
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Getting Pregnant

A successful IVF treatment gives you the greatest and most joyous news ever about a confirmed pregnancy. Your journey into motherhood starts from the day you come to us to get yourself screened for fertility issues. A cycle of IVF takes somewhere between 3 weeks to 2 months to show results. Lister Fertility Centre boasts of a high success rate and has been a part of the happy parenting journey of many couples.

Getting pregnant is truly the first step into motherhood and parenting, the first step to a lifetime of joy, nurturing, and beyond. The nine months to follow into the process of delivering the baby is carefully handled and monitored constantly by our expert team of gynecologists. Lister Fertility Centre handholds every couple through this journey.

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Your Nine Months of pregnancy is the most crucial part of the fertility treatment as care has to be given to carry the pregnancy to term. With the constant reviews and monitoring from our expert gynecologists and their team, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Every trimester and every milestone in your pregnancy is carefully evaluated and monitored to ensure that the fetus develops into a full-term cherubic baby. The initial blood works to determine your Iron, hemoglobin, and calcium levels, the tests to screen and rule out gestational diabetes, monthly check-up, and scans are all scheduled with constant follow-ups to make sure you are on the healthy track to a full-term pregnancy. Lister’s Fertility experts are available 24X7 for any assistance that you may need at any time.

Dr. Ananthi Aravind - Fertility Doctor in Lister Hospitals

Your First Scan

One of the most special moments in your pregnancy and parenthood is the first scan done at around 6 to 7 weeks into the pregnancy to detect the baby’s heartbeat. The scanning machine shows a little movement which indicates a robust heartbeat confirming the implantation and pregnancy being successful. Many parents eagerly wait for this scan post an IVF treatment to make sure that the fetus is healthy as a failed IVF can result in miscarriage. At Lister Fertility Centre we can proudly say that we are the best in Marthandam with a high success rate in IVF Treatments and proud of having witnessed the joy of the parents after the first scan in most cases. The journey onwards, however strenuous it may be, is handled beautifully by our team of experts at Lister Fertility Centre.

Dr. Ananthi Aravind with her team at Lister Hospitals

Baby Birth

The most important event in any pregnancy is the birth of the baby at term. The gynecology department along with the IVF doctors assist the entire process to ease the parents through it. The mother is constantly monitored towards her due date and care is taken to decide if the mother can go into natural labor or might need a C-Section. An expert pediatrician is also present during the time of delivery to assess the health and APGAR score of the baby. Lister Hospitals has the best team of pediatricians, gynecologists, and IVF specialists to handle your baby’s birthing process with utmost care and dedication. Our expert care and best-in-class facilities leave you with absolutely no aspect to be worried about and let you experience parenthood in bliss.

Dr. Ananthi Aravind with New Born Baby at Lister Hospitals

Baby Care

The biggest milestone of the birth of the baby being achieved is only the beginning of a new challenging and exciting journey ahead in parenting. Right from timely feeds, to nappy changes, to bathing, to routine pediatric check-up visits, all need to be done like clockwork. We at Lister Hospitals not only handhold you through your pregnancy and delivery but also take steps to ensure your baby gets his routine examinations and vaccinations on time too. We look at the whole process of having a child in a holistic manner and therefore our team of doctors and healthcare workers are trained and attuned to offer the same to you as parents. BabyCare is no more something to worry about with Lister at your service.

Dr. Ananthi Aravind with New Born Baby

Feeding Baby

One of the biggest challenges new mothers face is the lack of experience and awareness of breastfeeding the baby. The pediatric community insists that the first 90 days of the baby’s life should only be on exclusive breast feed. Breastfeeding establishes the biggest bond that was ever created by the Almighty, that of the mother and child. We, at Lister Hospitals, train new mothers to ease into the process of feeding by giving them ample guidance and monitoring feed times. We also monitor the baby to check if the feed is adequate if the lactation is ample and if there is any need for lactation stimulation or supplemental feeds for the baby. We at Lister Hospitals believe in taking care of all aspects of healthy parenting and child-rearing.

New Born Babies at Lister Hospitals Marthandam

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