best ENT hospital in marthandam

Why Lister Hospital Is the Best ENT Hospital in Marthandam?

Lister Hospitals’ Otolaryngology department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the ear, nose, and throat, making it the best ENT hospital in marthandam. Whether your ENT requirements are medical or surgical, our consultants, specialists, and doctors assist you through the entire procedure skillfully and efficiently.

Our consultants are known to deal with and treat various ailments related to the ear, nose, and throat. Handling disorders and dysfunctions associated with smell, taste, and balance is also a part of their expertise, along with tumors in the head and neck. Providing our patients with services that are at par with the international standards and beyond is our main goal. 

Some of the reasons to visit the best ENT hospital in Marthandam include a lump in the neck, changes in one’s voice, continuous allergies, recurrent sinusitis, loss of smell, difficulty in swallowing, coughing out blood, hearing issues, and a deviated septum. The doctors and specialists at Lister make use of diagnostic measures to get to the root of the medical issue and determine the best course of treatment. By employing medication, medical tools, and even corrective surgery, our doctors treat numerous health conditions. 

Treatments Provided in The Best ENT Hospital in Marthandam

Common conditions related to ENT could include sinusitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, deviated nasal septum, tinnitus, otalgia, laryngitis, and adenoids. Diagnostic procedures are provided at Lister Hospitals, such as X-ray PNS, CT scans related to the PNS and brain, tympanometry, and MRI scan. 

Providing our patients with the right medication is a part of us trying our best to give them the competent medical experience they require and deserve. The best ENT doctors in Marthandam work at Lister performing surgical procedures such as tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, removal of foreign bodies, surgical correction of DNS, and much more. The tests at Lister’s ENT department include visual exams, hearing tests, laryngoscopes, tympanogram, and beyond. 

What Makes Lister the Best ENT Hospital in Marthandam?

In addition to being the best ENT hospital in Marthandam, Lister also has the best ENT specialists in Marthandam. Our team of professional and experienced doctors aid in treating your condition in a much better manner. They go through the specifications of your current medical condition and suggest procedures and treatments accordingly while also keeping the complications in mind, knowing fully well how much and what a patient’s body can handle. 

The wide array of treatments provided at Lister Hospitals also make it the best ENT hospital in Marthandam. Regardless of the ENT condition you are dealing with, our specialists are always here to provide you with the utmost care, be it your diagnosis, surgery, or even checking your ear pressure and balance. We believe in identifying the precipitating factors first before moving on to the prevention and control of diseases.