Facilities in Lister Hospitals

We at Lister Hospital ensure premium service and hospitality to every patient who enters our doorstep. Every ICU here is architected with the finest technology and comprises the latest gadgets which is a supreme aid for casualty treatments.

We implement specialized treatments such as URS, IUI, HSG, IVF to diagnose and treat our patients in the best way. Our staff members timely confirm the proper working condition of every device and facility. Therefore, all our machines including ECG and EEG, display an accurate result for a better examination of the disease.

Our doctors are well qualified and skilled at performing various surgeries like Angioplasty, cystoscopy, etc. Our Physiotherapy experts combine vital exercises and the latest gadgets for recovery.

We have a 24*7 X-Ray facility along with the C- Arm facility. Lap Hysteroscopy is one of the top treatments provided by Lister hospital. Our pharmacy is available round the clock so that we are prepared for every emergency.

Facilities in Lister Hospitals

Lister Hospitals Marthandam Pharmacy
Lister Hospitals Marthandam X-Ray Unit
Lister Hospitals USG Testing Services
Neonatal ICU in Lister Hospitals Marthandam
Lister Hospitals Marthandam Reception Section
Emergency Ambulance Services in Lister Hospitals
Facilities in Lister Hospitals Marthandam
Intensive Care Unit Lister Hospitals Marthandam
Lister Hospitals Critical Care Unit
Lister Hospitals Casualty Department
Lister Fertility Hospital Marthandam
Lister Hospitals Marthandam IVF Lab
Cath Lab in Lister Hospitals Marthandam
Ambulance Service in Lister Hospitals Casualty
Lister Hospitals Marthandam Operation Theatre
Lister Hospitals Marthandam Minor Operation Theatre