Critical Care

Critical Care Treatment

The presence of an emergency and critical care unit is imperative at any medical facility, and Lister Hospitals being the best emergency care hospital near Marthandam understands this all too well. In addition to providing emergency medical services, our expert medical professionals are always available at your disposal to constantly provide our patients with the maximum care and devotion.

Regarded as the best critical care hospital near Marthandam, Lister Hospitals manages and successfully treats all sorts of medical and surgical emergencies with the utmost skill and efficiency. Countless emergencies have been effectively treated at Lister’s emergency unit, and we hope to continue providing this international level of medical service to our patients in the future as well.

Services Offered at The Best Critical Care Hospital Near Marthandam

Being the best emergency care hospital near Marthandam, there are several medical services we offer at our emergency and critical care unit. Some of these services include all kinds of poisoning, cases of snakebites and unknown bites, cases of drowning, severe road traffic accident cases, and acute and chronic renal failure cases. Lister also handles and treats allergies, anaphylactic reactions, and road traffic accidents at its emergency department.

Emergency services such as craniotomy for cerebral hemorrhage are also performed at Lister Hospitals. Common medical emergencies, including cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and traumatic emergencies are treated at our emergency and critical care facility as well. First aids are employed to stabilize emergencies, post which medical care is provided depending on the condition of the patient.

Lister Hospitals’ emergency care services extend beyond medical care, making us the best emergency care hospital near Marthandam. We also have a 24-hour emergency ambulance equipped with a ventilator and intensive care unit that is further operated by our qualified team of doctors and medical professionals.

What Makes Us The Best Emergency Care Hospital Near Marthandam

Lister Hospitals is considered the best emergency care hospital near Marthandam for multiple reasons. We have a unique 24-hour ambulance along with a casualty unit as a part of our emergency care. Our ambulances contain two mobile ICU units equipped with additional ventilator and critical care equipment including a cardiac monitor, suction, oxygen, ambu bag, BP apparatus, and centralized air conditioning. Depending on the case being managed and the category of a medical emergency, our ambulances are equipped with nurses, other medical staff, and a doctor.

The casualty unit is open and accessible 24/7 throughout the year so that none of the incoming emergency cases go untreated. The casualty unit contains 3 beds along with a multipara monitor, pulse oximeter, centralized oxygen, suction, and nebulizer. Our ICU is well equipped with all kinds of technological upgrades and medical facilities to manage emergency conditions of every category. Every emergency case is given the attention and precision it requires, which is what has enabled us to treat numerous critical care cases so far successfully.